Membrane X Streamline Beauty@Cosmoprof India 2022

How We Work We Follow The Drill
Membrane X Streamline Beauty@Cosmoprof India 2022

The Exhibition took place in Jio world Convention centre and this task specifically caused Membrane to understand its strength and the project management skills.The executives and clear judgment during the Creation cycle, in spite of less time was totally incredible and visionary.

Stand Briefing
The area of the stand was 108 sqm and the brief included a concept of creating an airport in the exhibition ground which was very challenging in the given time.

Idea & Concept
Since it was our client's most memorable cooperation in the show, and our most memorable experience, we hopped right in with a bended construction idea which is testing, be that as it may, it is dependably a novel design to play with and profoundly alluring. The stand in spite of its elements would be open and inviting, which a large portion of our clients like, yet is trying to make.

Final Execution
Two days of development were given, which was a very less time span for us to complete our establishment, stacked materials showed up on time, asthe area was 108 sqm. Our timetable of development was very clear and considered ominous conditions, in light of this and our judgment we painstakingly traveled through the establishment as fast as could be expected and in a sensible course of events then our clients showed up, where we finished 100% of the establishment and handover the complete stand to them.

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