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Membrane X Streamline Beauty@Cosmoprof India 2022

The Exhibition took place in Jio world Convention centre and this task specifically caused Membrane to understand its strength and the project management skills.The executives and clear judgment during the Creation cycle, in spite of less time was totally incredible and visionary.

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Membrane@International Hospitality Show 2022

The Exhibition took place in India Expo Mart Greater Noida and we have delievered a challenge to build the total area of 650 Square Meters by constructing 4 stands in the Island and 3 Bare spaces and this task made us realize that incredible expansion comes along with huge responsibility.

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Membrane@GULFOOD 2023

GULFOOD, the epitome of the global food industry, consistently attracts industry leaders and innovators from around the world. For Membrane Decors, this prestigious exhibition has always presented a world of opportunities. Once again, the team rose to the occasion, crafting and constructing nine remarkable stands for valued exhibitors. Overcoming logistical challenges, including distributed locations across Zabeel 3, Zabeel 5, Sheik Sayed Hall, and the Trade Center Arena, Membrane Decors showcased their expertise by meticulously planning and delivering high-quality stands within the given time frame. With a proven track record at exhibitions across the globe, particularly in the UAE and Europe, Membrane Decors solidified its position as a leading force in the exhibition stand design industry.

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Membrane@CMPL EXPO 2023

In the fast-paced world of business, making a lasting impression is crucial. In the realm of exhibitions and trade shows, a well-designed and captivating exhibition stall can make all the difference. Enter Membrane Decors, the leading exhibition stand designing company that has left a trail of awe-inspiring creations at CMPL Expo 2023 in Mumbai. With their unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence, Membrane Decors has redefined the standards of exhibition stall design, delivering exceptional services that leave clients in awe.

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Unveiling Success at Gifts World Expo 2023

In the bustling landscape of trade shows and exhibitions, standing out amidst the competition is paramount for any brand seeking to make an impact. In this endeavor, our exhibition stand designing company embarked on a journey of creativity, innovation, and seamless execution at Gifts World Expo 2023. With a portfolio boasting the successful delivery of more than 6 stands, we aimed not just to participate but to captivate, leaving an indelible impression on attendees.

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Empowering the Future at REI Expo 2023

In the dynamic landscape of renewable energy, showcasing innovation, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology is paramount. As a leading exhibition stand designing company, we embarked on a transformative journey at Renewable Energy India Expo 2023, where we conceptualized, crafted, and delivered over 400+ square meters of captivating stands. This case study delves into our strategic approach, creative ingenuity, and seamless execution, illustrating how we empowered our clients to shine amidst the industry's brightest stars.

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Membrane@CPHI India 2023

Membrane Decors is specialize in creating immersive and impactful exhibition stands that elevate brands and captivate audiences. Our recent collaboration with the esteemed CPHI-PMEC India 2023 event, held at IEML Greater Noida, exemplifies our dedication to delivering exceptional design solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Membrane@Indusfood Expo 2024

At Membrane Decors,We pride ourselves on crafting 15 different immersive and impactful exhibition stands that elevate brands and drive engagement. Our recent collaboration with the prestigious Indus-food 2024 event held at IEML Greater Noida stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in stand design and fabrication.

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Membrane@Convergence India 2024

Membrane Decors, a leading stand designing and construction company, embarked on a significant project for Convergence India 2024. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Membrane Decors aimed to deliver exceptional stand designs to exhibitors, enhancing their presence and impact at the exhibition. This case study delves into Membrane Decors' journey, outlining their goals, challenges, achievements, and potential showcased during their involvement in Convergence India 2024.

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Membrane@Satte India 2024

Membrane Decors, a premier stand designing and construction company, undertook a significant project for SATTE India 2024, Asia's largest travel show. The company was entrusted with the task of designing and constructing a mammoth 250-square-meter stand for EaseMyTrip, a prominent player in the travel industry. This case study delves into Membrane Decors' objectives, hurdles, accomplishments, and potential demonstrated through their involvement in SATTE India 2024.

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Membrane@GULFOOD 2024

Membrane Decors, a leading stand designing and fabrication company, boasts a global footprint, catering to exhibitions in over 25 countries. With a robust network of local teams in each country, Membrane Decors offers seamless services to Indian and overseas exhibitors, ensuring top-quality stands at affordable prices. This case study highlights Membrane Decors' stronghold in various countries and elucidates how their international presence facilitates ease for exhibitors participating in overseas exhibitions, using their successful execution at Gulfood 2024 in Dubai World Trade Center as a prime example.

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Membrane@Aahar India 2024
Membrane@Startup Mahakumbh 2024
Membrane@Printing Expo Thailand 2024
Membrane@Chem Expo 2024
Membrane@FHA Singapore 2024
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